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Foreign trade – importing and exporting

Considerations for the investor:

  • All customs clearance procedures are carried through electronically.
  • Common customs tariff duties are applicable to all goods imported into the EU.
  • Large importers may apply for deferred taxation.
  • VAT is not imposed on the import of goods subject to immediate tax warehousing on the condition that the recipient of the imported goods is the keeper of the tax warehouse.
  • No special registration is required for exporters and importers, unless they do not need to use special customs procedures.
  • Exporters and importers must have EORI registration.

With Estonia’s export markets (Estonia’s main export partners are, in addition to euro-area members, our neighbouring countries: Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.) expanding by an average of 6.6% this year, external demand volume, which suffered a rapid fall in 2009, is now back on the growth path. The growth of Estonia’s main trading partners will remain below the pre-crisis average in the next years. Export markets are assumed to increase by 6.3% in 2011 and by 6.6% in 2012.

The main export goods are machinery and equipment, wood and paper products, textiles, food products, and metals and chemical products. Estonia also exports approximately 1.5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

The main imported goods are machinery and equipment, fuel and other chemical products, textiles, food products, and means of transport. Estonia imports 200 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

Estonia’s foreign trade, January–February, 2009–2010

Month Exports, million kroons Imports, million kroons Balance, million kroons
2009 2010 Change, %   2009 2010 Change, % 2009 2010
January7 2698 058118 8308 487-4-1 561-429
February7 8179 676248 7559 5389-938138
Exports: €6.5 billion (2009)
Imports: €7.3 billion (2009)

Main Exports and Imports in 2009 (as a % of total trade)

Main Commodity GroupsExportsMain Commodity GroupsImports
Machinery and appliances19.6Mineral products20.1
Mineral products16.8Machinery and appliances19.2
Agricultural products and food preparations10.0Agricultural products and food preparations12.7
Base metals and articles of base metals8.7Chemical products9.4
Wood and articles of wood8.6Base metals and articles of base metals7.7
Miscellaneous manufactured articles8.3Transport equipment6.3
Transport equipment6.5Articles of plastics and rubber5.4
Chemical products5.5Textile products5.3
Textiles and textile articles4.0Paper and articles of paper2.7
Paper and articles of paper3.3Wood and articles of wood2.6
Articles of plastics and rubber3.1Miscellaneous manufactured articles2.5
Source: Statistics of Estonia

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