Baltkilp OÜ

Kadaka tee 2/4, 10621 Tallinn

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

BALTKILP OÜ was founded in 2010 and specializes in assembly of the electrical cabinets. Our main activity is designing and assembly of electrical cabinets, reconstruction and project sales. Our customers are construction companies, electricity and low current installation companies, apartment associations as well as private owners. We provide full package of services from preparation of the design documentation to complete solutions and post-construction maintenance. Production and engineering basis enable to build boards with special solutions with amperage of up to 2,500 A. Our professional team provides state-of-the-art solutions, high quality of products meeting the expectations the customers. Fast feedback, flexible price policy and customer friendliness have become the best practices of our company. We consider it important to save customers’ time and ensure their satisfaction by providing them the “turnkey solutions”. All boards leaving the production pass a routine test inspection, they are supplied with labels approving the conformance and proper measuring and implementation documentation. Our goal is to ensure the long and reliable life to the produced boards. We wish to extend the list of satisfied customers, invest to production and employees, use new technologies and be a modern and fast developing company.

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