Ecohouse Palkmajad OÜ

60531 Tammistu Tartumaa


EcoHouse designs, produces and mounts wooden machined round log houses since 1999. Production of log living houses, holiday cottages, saunas, grill houses, gazebos, pavilions, hot baths, garden furniture. Ecohouse"s advanced log profile contains wind locks to protect the wall from wind and humidity. EcoHouse building team has erected houses in many foreign countries. OÜ Ecohouse Log Houses manufactures the Cobe trademark solid wood unique furniture of timeless style. It lasts and does not lose its value in years. Our felted furniture, which is manufactured with a specific technology, has become very popular. Cobe full timber furniture is covered with tinted natural oils. Bedroom furniture product selection includes beds, chests of drawers, nightstands, cupboards. Living room furniture product selection includes cupboards, wardrobes, wall cupboards, storages, cabinets, different shelves and bookshelves, tables and writing desks, benches and chairs. Kitchen furniture product selection includes kitchen furniture, kitchen tables and chairs.

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