Enbe OÜ

Karpkala 8, 74114 Maardu Harjumaa

Ms Eneli Bergmann, Gsm:
Ms Eneli Bergmann, Contact Person in Russian, English
Russia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany

Enbe OÜ is a small enterprise since 1995 – ready for small batch production. Since spring 2010 LLC ENBE also operates in designing, producing and selling of handmade bags. National style handbags, shoulder bags and wallets are produced. Linen shoulder bags with linen laces, linen shopping bags, backpacks, handbags and neck bags made of material with Estonian national motifs. Festive shoulder- and theatre bags. Wallets (for coins) made of material with Estonian national stripes, linen and black festive fabric. There is also a slot for credit cards at the bottom of the wallet. Crocheted bags for onions and bottles. All the bags are handmade unique items. We also produce fleece collars (for children, women and men), fleece and cotton hosiery (blue-black-white) hat-head scarves. Special order on handmade jewelry from chinchilla wool. Homepage: www.enbe.ee. Handbags: http://public.fotki.com/entsu

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