GreenEst OÜ

Tulika 19, 10613 Tallinn

Mrs Tiina Reesen, Manager in English, Russian, Estonian

GreenEst is offering garments made from ecological materials as organic cotton, bamboo, etc. GreenEst's main mission is to design, produce and offer high-quality, comfortable and attractive yoga clothes and casual active clothing. The second branch of activity in GreenEst is garment development - pattern-making and technical garment design. GreenEst has Gerber Accumark PDS software for pattern design and we can easily make base size patterns and gradings for sample sewing or manufacture clothing. GreenEst can help to produce women's, men's and children's wear right from the beginning (a design or sketch) up to the end (a completed product) according to client's order. GreenEst is looking for wholesale partners (to resell GreenEst's organic yoga clothes) or cooperation partners in sewing process (to offer model/pattern construction and grading services)

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