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Head Of The Sales Departement Jaana Kurelauk:
Mrs Jaana Kurelauk in English, Russian, German, Finnish
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:
EU, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, USA, UAE
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ha Serv: Sauna materials, sauna products, thermo-treated wood, decking & cladding; Auroom: ready-made saunas, custom-made saunas; SLP: thermo-treated wood, painted cladding, easycare decking.,

Ha Serv is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sauna materials, ready-made saunas and thermo-treated wood. Ha Serv products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. The thermo-treatment of timber (alder, aspen, pine, spruce, ash, oak etc.), fingerjointed components and glued wood, brushing and fine-grooving of material is a solid base for an extensive product range. Certificates: FSC, PEFC, ISO, CE. Our portfolio includes following products under three trademarks: Ha Serv – planed material, thermo-treated wood, sauna material (wall panels, mouldings, bench boards etc.), sauna products (bench modules, bench skirts, backrests, glass doors, sauna accessories etc.), decking and cladding from thermo-treated wood and Siberian larch. Auroom – ready-made saunas, infrared saunas, standard models and custom-made saunas. SLP – thermo-treated wood, painted cladding and easycare decking.

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