Helmes AS

Lõõtsa 6, 11415 Tallinn

Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:
2015; 19,700,000 € thereof export 45 %
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ITL

AS Helmes was established in 1991. Helmes builds business critical solutions for our clients, and we are specialists in integration. We create custom software, as well as licensing solutions for ready-made software, and pride ourselves in knowing how to make the correct choice between the two. We offer hosting and maintenance support, as well as aftercare for business critical solutions. Created solutions replace work processes demanding large volumes of human work with automated and efficient processes. Systems developed by Helmes are mainly complicated and they interact with clients’ existing and new created information systems. The corporations served by Helmes include Tele2, TeliaSonera, Elisa, Danske Bank, SEB Bank, Audatex (Solera Corporation), Indigo Parking Group, Axell Claims BV, OECD etc. Helmes serves mostly telecom, logistics, finance and e-commerce sectors who are in extensive need for smart software solutions to achieve excellence in customer service. Helmes has also developed many state provided e-services and solutions like the elections info system or e-prescription system. Latter of which has been awarded with different quality and innovation awards. As well as the clients, also the staff of Helmes is international. The headquarters of Helmes is in Tallinn, development centres are in Tallinn and Belarus. Helmes received two years in a row in 2012 and 2013, the title of SAP Partner of the Year Award in the Baltic States, in 2014 the award for 2014 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year and in 2013 expanded the distribution contract with Progress and Aurea to the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

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