Inseneribüroo Steiger OÜ

Männiku tee 104, 11216 Tallinn

Mr Erki Niitlaan:
Mr Erki Niitlan, Member of the Board in Finnish, Estonian, English, Russian
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:
2013; 1,000,000 €
Jordan, Chile, Finland, Latvia

Engineering Bureau STEIGER offers wide array of consultancy services for the mining industry. We have cornered the local market during our 14 years of existence and gained experience in sites in Near East and Europe. Our expert staff is capable of providing engineering services in the fields of geology, environmental impact assessment, mine planning and design, mine survey, civil engineering and geotech and laboratory services. In 2012 STEIGER Engineering LLC together with Finnish Biodiili Oy established a joint venture STEIGER Energy and Environment. Services: Geological exploration and resource assessment. Hydrogeological studies. Mine planning and design. Environmental impact assessment and environmental modelling. Baseline environmental studies. Organizing and executing environmental monitoring. Mine survey and topo-geodetic survey. Consulting services and risk analysis. Laboratory services (environmental measurements, tests for mechanical, physical and chemical properties of soil, aggregates and geological samples).

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