OneWood OÜ

Aruküla tee 65, 75301 Jüri Harjumaa


OneWood is a company that produces terrace, fence and façade boards of the wood plastic composite material in Estonia. The composition of the products are developed for the use in Nordic climate, by containing the best combination of wood (60%) and plastic (40%). This combination of materials provides a natural wooden look to the products, ensures long-lasting durability and insignificant maintenance costs. The products are weatherproof, do not need oiling or staining, do not separate surfaces and are not slippery even with wet weather. OneWood products change the way of thinking regarding the maintenance and safe use of terraces, fences, facades and garden furniture. Wood plastic composite is an ecological modern wood material and is 100% recyclable. The material is produced from wood and plastic mixture and additional compounds are added into the product to protect it against environmental influences (UV protection, colorant, adhesive, stabilizers etc.).

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