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Mr Kristjan Saks, Gsm:
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Mr Kristjan Saks, Sales Director in English, Russian, German
Poland, South-Korea, Czech Republic, France, India, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Austria, Spain, Japan, Slovakia, Latvia, Georgia, Belgium, Greece, Thailand, Cyprus, Portugal
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Puidukoda is a state-of-the-art planing mill with annual production output of approximately 100 000 m³ in 2016. We produce profiled and planed timber from high quality Nordic softwood and Siberian Larch. Main production consists of Exterior and Interior Cladding/Panelling, Decking, Flooring and Construction Timber (C24 graded, INSTA). Heating briquettes and shavings. We are FSC and CE certified. Cross-cutting to fix lengths for further processing or DIY, end-matching with double-end tenoner. Packaging includes optional bundling, shrinkwrapping, EAN-codes, etc. Value adding possibilites include pressure treatment and different surface coating possibilities (brushing, painting, lacquering, etc.) Decking, flooring, wooden cladding, interior panelling, planed timber, construction timber, stress gradded timber, painted cladding.

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