Rekman OÜ

Paneeli 4, 11415 Tallinn

Mr Aavo Leppikson (In Finnish):
Mr Danel Hirbaum (In English, Russian, German, Danish):
Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Rekman was founded in 1990 and our main production is wooden and wood-aluminium windows and doors. A lot of buildings in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and elsewhere that are under heritage conservation and of cultural and environmental value have got a fresher look thanks to us. These doors and windows that correspond to high requirements and are suitable with the area and also with modern insulation and sound insulation, have been made by our masters. In addition to windows of cultural and environmental value we also produce modern single frame „German“ type, closed „MEK and MEK-A“ type and double frame „MSE and MSE-A“ type windows. These are either single or double frame standard windows with high insulation and sound insulation and with a good price. Rekman’s windows also suit passive houses!

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