Tarmetec OÜ

Ringtee 6, 51013 Tartu Tartumaa

Mr Toomas Lepp, Gsm 5043621:
Contact: Mr Toomas Lepp, Board Member
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

With a ~ 250 employees and annual turnover of 18 mEUR, Tarmetec www.tarmetec.ee is the leading metalworking company in Estonia. For more than 25 years, we have been providing our services to known industrial companies in a variety of economic sectors in Europe. We provide product development and manufacturing services for making parts of machines or machines. Our clients belong to medical, food, automotive and machine building industries. Our advantage is a wide variety of metal-working technologies available inside our company, which is an invaluable asset especially in manufacturing small- and medium-size batches. Our sales engineers, product developers and engineers are prepared to advise you throughout the whole product development process. We are convinced that such an approach will ensure a satisfying result for you as our customers. Under the brand METEC (www.metec.ee), our stainless steel automotive accessories are well known in Europe for owners of all kind of commercial vehicles.

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