Unibox OÜ

75207 Kalesi Harjumaa

Mr Jüri Rand, Manager (In Estonian, Russian, Finnish), Gsm:
Mr Toomas Rand, Contact Person (In Estonian, English), Gsm:
Mr Aivar Keldu (In Estonian, Finnish, German, Russian):
Gezeichnetes Kapital (&eur;):
2 557
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:
2016; 3,500,000 € thereof export 60 %
Mr Jüri Rand, Manager in Estonian, Finnish, Russian
Mr Toomas Rand, Contact Person in Estonian, English
Mr Aivar Keldu, Contact Person in Estonian, Finnish, German, Russian

Our main production is boxes of wood and plywood. These can be used for: transportation, preservation and special use, as for packing: metal products, equipment, electronics, glass, ceramics, etc. Our products are easily mounted on spot and take up little space at transportation. We produce boxes with different levels of difficulty and at even very compatible prices. In case you have no drawings, our engineers will design necessary packages. Plywood boxes, wooden boxes, special pallets, sea packages. Packing services. Assembly of equipment

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